About Us

About A&A Boltless Rack and Shelves

Founded in 1992, A&A Boltless has a long history in the warehouse, office, and food storage business. We operate on 3 ½ acres of land filled with new and used rack, shelves and other storage solutions. Our co-founder Geoff Campbell was one of the original designers of the “boltless” concept in the early 70’s and went on to develop many creative solutions for clients in the western United States.
Geoff and Liz Campbell founded A&A Boltless as a family-run business that would operate in a manner that customers could trust. They wanted to give customers safe, reliable, cost effective and creative storage solutions. Today we still deliver the same quality, value and service. Located in Ontario, California, A&A Boltless services all of Southern California and the west with new and used racks and shelving

Our Mission:
Provide customers with complete and appropriate pallet rack, shelving and material handling systems that make storage and shop organization safe and efficient

Our Non-Negotiable Values Are To Be:

  • Safe – We will recommend and provide to customers products that will safely handle all stated work requirements
  • Reliable – We will be responsive and set realistic expectations for performance…and live up to them.
  • Fair- We will treat people fairly when doing business or solving a problem
  • Friendly- We like people and will work with them in a positive and courteous manner
  • Honest – We will communicate quickly and directly about problems delays and concerns inside and outside the organization.
  • Helpful – We will pro-actively help our co-workers and customers. Every associate of A&A Boltless is empowered to take ownership of a problem, until it is solved
  • Thrifty – While never sacrificing quality, we will strive for efficiency and cost control with every available resource, wasting nothing through ingenuity, skill and resourcefulness.
  • Open to new ideas – We will embrace change and strive to make small improvements everyday
  • Family-Oriented- We honor family values and will be supportive of each other and welcome all to the family
  • Clean – If we look sharp we will be more proud of where we work and hold ourselves to higher standards
  • A Good Value – Our products will be the best value for the dollar spent