Installation and Services

A&A Boltless has the experience you can count on to select the right pallet rack, shelving and storage system. All estimates are free. Our trained staff can help you do space planning. We can join you on your site to measure, plan and recommend the best and most cost effective storage solution for your exact needs. Whether you are installing new, adding on or moving your facility to a new location throughout California we can help you arrange a qualified crew to do the work for you quickly and hassle free. Need help getting blue prints doing calculations, and pulling permits, we can recommend qualified vendors to provide these services too.

Our sales team will help you evaluate all material handling needs. We can provide a written space plan and quote with drawings to illustrate the most efficient use of the space for your specific storage requirements. Building clearance height, exit and dock door locations, and column placement are some factors that are considered when determining your new layout. Furthermore, operation needs, type of storage product, and turn-over time are important in the design phase to maximize production and efficiency.

The following information is needed to address your exact storage needs:

  • Storage volume and warehouse layout: ceiling height, dock doors, exit doors, office area, and column locations?
  • What will be stored: weight and size
  • Type of storage: pallets, cartons, boxes, etc.?
  • Capacity: What are your needs today and tomorrow? What type of storage expansion phasing will meet your needs?
  • Material handling equipment such as conveyor, hoists, cranes, etc
  • Sprinkler system: overhead and in-rack sprinklers?
  • Lighting and ventilation
  • Installation requirements
  • The need for calculations and permits