Used Product

Used Pallet Racks

A&A Boltless buys and sells used pallet racks steel shelving cantilever rack, wire shelving, cabinets, lockers, conveyers and storage lofts. If you need to liquidate a facility we will remove old racks and shelves and we will provide an estimate for free. We have a large inventory or used storage and material handing product available today. Whether you need replace a broken or missing part or purchase a whole system, call us today for availability

We only sell used pallet rack and shelving units that meet our strict quality standards. The rack is inspected and then counted to ensure quality and quantity.

Before you purchase any warehouse rack, be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. Has the warehouse rack been inspected to insure quality?
  2. How old is the rack and was it used as warehouse shelving or was it outside?
  3. Is there excessive rust or any damage to the rack?
  4. Will they guarantee prices of the rack in writing?

Email is at or call today for more information about our used warehouse racks and shelving.